California pop-rock duo The Stereophones have cultivated years of writing and performing together along with influences spanning an obnoxiously gargantuan array of genres to create catchy, melodic, guitar driven pop music.

Brothers Kayhan Ahmadi and Kevin Ahmadi have been making music together for most of their lives, having released two full length albums under the moniker All Heroes before forming The Stereophones in 2010. As The Stereophones, the group has tackled topics ranging from heartbreak, fighting, ironic love songs about girls, ironic love songs about drugs, the economic meltdown, and slimey Hollywood agents. The Stereophones have performed with a multitude of national acts, have had their music featured on major television networks, and were named a Top 100 Unsigned Artist by Music Connection magazine.

Having released one full length (Trouble), one prior EP (Mu), and a boatload of collaborations with filmmakers, musicians, and artists, The Stereophones have just released their newest EP, Girls, which is about the political downfall of the Roman empire and how the world can learn from the mistakes of history long ago - nah just kidding, it's about girls.


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